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Welcome to my new category of posts – Image of Pen Ink BookMcGlamorous Book reviews! I have been wanting to share the excitement of a new read and now is my chance with my first review of a book in the sub-category of art.

I will begin by expressing much excitement over a book by Desarae Lee, Beginning Pen & InkIndeed, a dependable Walter Foster book reminds me of my first high school art classes, this time with a more mature knowledge and attention span.

It begins with the basics techniques of drawing with chapters on line and contour work, gesture drawing, and all the essentials to exercise value and tone in your drawings. It is devoted to pen and ink, yet covers the paths of pencil techniques, not to mention light, shadow, and composition.

Final chapters test your knowledge with projects to master these techniques. I love the way they are presented and the subject matter, which includes an enormous, animated octopus and a gently flowered bear. The projects include a watercolor background and additional bonus education in another medium.

Overall, it is a great beginner book. Easy to follow with good projects and fills the desire for “doodling” really well.  It is a fair warning that it does sharpen your patience skills, as the exercises seem to require a steady and calm focus, but as with all art, the time is worth the reward.

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