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Ahh, the T-Shirt.Image of Mardi Gras Shirt

What is it about these soft pieces of memory that you layer in a box? You just can’t break away. Should it be re-designed, made into a blanket, crafty project, on a wall? All these are great ideas that I think of when I look into my old stash of shirts dated Y2K and beyond.

While doing a photo session the other day I just threw one up under the light, when all of a sudden, a clear vision of the reason why I loved it came to me. It was decided then and there to make it a new project, so they don’t go to waste and have a chance to return their story and memory.

Image of Purple Shirt I’ll begin with the purple Mardi Gras T-Shirt from one of the best trips ever with my Mom. It was her first driving trip to Atlanta. Georgia. She was very nervous because my Dad was usually the chauffer, and she did it with grace even though it poured down rain on us most of the night! We were going to see a musical at the Fabulous Fox Theatre. My favorite venue and dream theatre. The bill was either Thoroughly Modern Milly or ironically Singing in the Rain, I don’t recall, but do remember it was of a happy tone.

The event was a blast, and it was time for the common late-night dinner after the performance. We cruised down Peachtree to find an open sign at Huey’s, at that time an eclectically decorated New Orlean’s Style Cafe. It changed owners several times throughout our years in the city, but the first times there were our favorite.

Outdoor patios are always a pleasure, especially with Louis Armstrong playing in the background. Let’s not bypass the crazy and scrumptious menu these guys served. Cakes as high as a small mountain upon entering, hot dogs served with utensils, and let’s not forget the beignets with praline sauce. Yum. We always set out to try new things but ended up with the trusty standby. Po-Boys with shrimp, crispy chicken fingers, and my first introduction to cinnamon in my coffee.

Most of all were the decor. It was so stunning to a creative person of my age. The walls had no bare spots. From masks to feathers, to photos and more, it was a candy shop to my eyes. That’s I spotted the star of my story, the lady on the purple shirt. She was bright and exotic, and a world of color and happiness to represent our memorable trip together. Most of all. she was a gift from Mom.Image of New Orleans

If you have a T-Story you’d like to share, let us know!

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McGlamorous Book Reviews :: Beginning Pen and Ink

Welcome to my new category of posts – Image of Pen Ink BookMcGlamorous Book reviews! I have been wanting to share the excitement of a new read and now is my chance with my first review of a book in the sub-category of art.

I will begin by expressing much excitement over a book by Desarae Lee, Beginning Pen & InkIndeed, a dependable Walter Foster book reminds me of my first high school art classes, this time with a more mature knowledge and attention span.

It begins with the basics techniques of drawing with chapters on line and contour work, gesture drawing, and all the essentials to exercise value and tone in your drawings. It is devoted to pen and ink, yet covers the paths of pencil techniques, not to mention light, shadow, and composition.

Final chapters test your knowledge with projects to master these techniques. I love the way they are presented and the subject matter, which includes an enormous, animated octopus and a gently flowered bear. The projects include a watercolor background and additional bonus education in another medium.

Overall, it is a great beginner book. Easy to follow with good projects and fills the desire for “doodling” really well.  It is a fair warning that it does sharpen your patience skills, as the exercises seem to require a steady and calm focus, but as with all art, the time is worth the reward.

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